Terry Guyer - The Next Stage of Silicon Valley - Mapping Biotech [15]

Posted on Tuesday, May 24, 2022
Out of the dynamic growth of Silicon Valley came a new field of Biotech that would begin to outpace its technical field of origin. Even as people speak of the end of Moore’s law and the slowing of tech development, it seems biotech just grows and innovates more quickly. Today’s guest, Terry Guyer, was not only first hand for the growth of these industries, but met and painted portraits of many of the titans of technology, medicine and biology. From the aforementioned Gordon Moore, to Steve Wozniak, or Ray Kurzweil, Terry Guyer has spent time with them all. Most of all, Guyer was the maker of a series of maps that showed the growing Biotech industry from California to the East Coast and up to Canada. 0:00 Intro 0:55 Living in early Silicon Valley and the changing landscape 4:55 Specialty Tech Illustration and beginning of Biotech maps 14:00 Meeting Silicon Valley Luminaries 18:00 Steve Wozniak 21:00 Luminaries as people 24:45 Internet era personalities 29.15 Map making 31.19 Thanks!

Show Notes