Saving the Everett Henrys, the Rich Foley Story [13]

Posted on Thursday, Dec 10, 2020
A young employee at the Harris Seybold printing company always loved those framed painting of classic books. They hung in the offices, those original paintings, and were mostly done by artist and illustrator Everett Henry. They were extraordinary in their visual ability to represent the geography, plot and drama of a story in a single visual. Everett Henry literally could convert a book into a type of map. This young employee, Rich Foley, spent years at the company, and as the business changed ownership, he always kept tabs on what happened to those painting. He always made sure new management knew their story and that they were important… and should end up in a good home. Even in retirement he never let go, but made sure that eventually they made it home, to the Library of Congress. ‘They now belong to the American people’. To see more …

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