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Francis J. Pierson - Denver's Own Mapmaker [17]

Posted on Monday, Mar 18, 2024
He was the founder Pierson Graphics, a long-time cartographic publisher for Denver and the front range, that had a well established reputation for quality and dependability. This interview follows something of the arc of his life, from the family’s navigator and map-reader, to an architecture student that was drawn into the world of map making. Does focus on his series of birds eye views for cities, which were inspired by seeing Hermann Bollmann’s famous NYC map, Francis’ approach, and his life in cartography. 0:55 The navigator and map reader 3:05 Education and first job  Read More

Welcome to the New Projections Podcast! Produced from an interest in historic maps and data vizualizations, comes this series of interviews looking at the work of the past, practices of today and the potentials of the future. An ongoing conversation on the frontiers of understanding and approaches to their exploration.

Emek Conveying the Intangible [7]

Posted on Monday, Apr 22, 2019

An old quote claims that ‘Writing about music is like dancing about architecture’… in other words some things don’t translate. But one artist with a unique process and history has found a work around. Emek Golan has done album covers, artwork and posters for some of the most influential artists of the time, and is known visualizations that go deeper and catch some of the intangible qualities that make artists unique. Visit him at

Maximilian Noichl - Making Data Driven Beauty [6]

Posted on Monday, Mar 4, 2019

The making of data driven beauty. Maximilian Noichl centers in the world of philosophy, and with an elegant aesthetic he draws on influences like Japanese artist Numata Kashu. The end result is a mesh of two worlds, one of subtlety and texture, and another of very binary data which render into a series of visualizations that are accessible and defining. Its engaging work that brings floods of data into enjoyable waves. Discussion of the ‘Structures of Philosophy’ begins… 7:50  Read More

He’s the renegade artist that has lived life on his own terms and made art free of sophistication and pretense, but packed with life and ’low brow’ ethos. Part of the group that founded Zap Comics in the late 1960’s, one time artist for Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth, and the founder of Juxtapoz magazine. While it was assured that he’d never be part of the established art world, by 2010, his skill and body of work got him into the prestigious Whitney Biennial. It’s a great honor and fun moment to speak with Robert Williams

An interview with the Daughter & Son of Clyde W. Tombaugh, the discoverer of planet Pluto. Annette and Alden Tombaugh discuss their father’s life, discoveries, his curiosity and patient determination.

Within the last several decades, great leaps of understanding have occurred around how humans navigate their environment and what mechanisms in the brain allow this elegant understanding. This interview with Dr Marius Bauza gives us an update on the latest discoveries and clarity on the foundation understanding of the Hippocampus, the source of human GPS

Timothy Edward Downs - Mapping the Internet [2]

Posted on Wednesday, Jan 31, 2018

In what may be the first depiction of the newly developing invisible world of the internet, Timothy Downs made images to help people explore and navigate the new digital frontiers. In the early 1990’s his love of electronics and his refined ability to illustrate combined to unveil new technologies and demystify an opaque world of computing.

She was the first to make a map of the complex eco-system of businesses that would become the garden of Eden for the Internet age, Silicon Valley. At the time she described the energy of the south bay area communities as volcanic, as the land swelled with new ideas and potentials. And its Maryanne Hoburg’s map that captures a glimpse of that complex world that was gathering momentum. This is part of a conversation we were privileged to have with that warm, creative soul, Maryanne Hoburg.