Francis J. Pierson - Denver's Own Mapmaker [17]

Posted on Monday, Mar 18, 2024
He was the founder Pierson Graphics, a long-time cartographic publisher for Denver and the front range, that had a well established reputation for quality and dependability. This interview follows something of the arc of his life, from the family’s navigator and map-reader, to an architecture student that was drawn into the world of map making. Does focus on his series of birds eye views for cities, which were inspired by seeing Hermann Bollmann’s famous NYC map, Francis’ approach, and his life in cartography. 0:55 The navigator and map reader 3:05 Education and first job with Architectural firm, and on to Oil & Gas 7:55 Hermann Bollmann’s Map of New York 9:18 Bollmann as a continuation of the past 10:49 Inspired to depict Denver 12:31 Groundwork to draw Denver 13:25 the 1974 Birdseye of Denver 16:07 Birds Eyes for Chicago, Dallas, Houston 18:35 Second editions and city growth 20:30 Could you do it again today? 21:05 From Analog to Digital

Show Notes